Second printing of "On The Run" ordered. Thank you for your support!

Dark Age Records re-issues 5 song demo "On The Run". Written by all the original members. On the same day Record Archiveputs "On The Run" and full length release "Rise From the Ashes" on the racks incuding signed copies!

Had a great sit down with Frank and Woody Sunday night. It is always great to be around people with a passion for music and Rochester. Talked about the new site, new album and new members. A little about the creative process and plans for the future. Her we are with the legendary duo now. The going away party was at The Record Archive see the gallery here

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News and Upates

Paid a visit to 106.3fm Rochester Free Radio to talk with Bryan and Slosh about upcoming shows and releases. Sadly 2 of the folks in this picture have left us. RIP Rick and Slosh. 

On January 10th at around 9pm we will have the honor of being interviewed by Frank and Woody on the Sunday-Night Shakedown. You can tune into 98.9 in the Rochester area or visit to listen online.