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In the infinite wisdom of a local radio station the Sunday-Night Shakedown has been taken off the air after a decade and over 500 shows. The loss to local original music is significant to say the least. On 1/13/17 the Record Archive hosted a RIP party for Frank and Woody see the gallery here

On January 10th at around 9pm we will have the honor of being interviewed by Frank and Woody on the Sunday-Night Shakedown. You can tune into 98.9 in the Rochester area or visit to listen online.

Had a great sit down with Frank and Woody Sunday night. It is always great to be around people with a passion for music and Rochester. Talked about the new site, new album and new members. A little about the creative process and plans for the future. Her we are with the legendary duo now.

Warhead Rising can now be heard on Boston Rock Radio ! click the link and check it out !

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